African Safari - The Wildebeest Migration

"One of the World's biggest spectacles". Many have so described it. Many have come back time and time again. They have witnessed this mass movement of wild animals roaming free through unspoiled and savage wildness. The air fills with the click click of the cameras tirelessly. You have not seen something like it before.

"Africa is changing at a quick pace and human encroachment into the wildlife reserves has continued to erase the traditional routes. In association with development and changes of the way of life, the image of wildlife roaming free is slowly getting erased. Fortunately, Masai Mara National reserve holds on to its charisma of an open, limitless land. It is one of the places in Africa that yet prides in wildlife concentration and everybody has to see it." Victoria, Washington.

Masai Mara is located in the Southwestern of Kenya, 180 kilometers from Nairobi. World famous for the abundance of wildlife and the remoteness of the reserve implants memories…

Things to Consider When Planning For Your Honeymoon

One of the most exciting parts of the wedding experience is honeymoon. That is why, planning for it should involve careful planning and consideration so that everything could go perfectly. Here are the simple things you should consider when planning for your honeymoon:

· Time

Like planning any type of vacation, time is the most important factor when planning for honeymoon. Take note that time influence the number of people having their vacation, weather, cost of honeymoon package, and type of accommodation available. Setting it at the perfect timing would give contribute to the success of your honeymoon.

· Destination and the means to get there

Identifying where to go is an easy task. Getting there is another. If you have selected where you want to go, think about the possible and your most preferred means of getting there. Whether you are cruising, taking a bus, or flying on an airplane, you should identify your need and respond to that.

· The destination amenities

Whether you choose the C…

Phuket Vegetarian Festival - Great For Tourists

The most important Phuket festival that is held each year must certainly be the Vegetarian festival. The Vegetarian festival in Phuket takes place during the first 9 days of the 9th lunar month of the traditional Chinese calendar.

The Vegetarian festival normally falls in the last week of September of within the first week of October.

The Phuket vegetarian festival is organized each year to celebrate the start of the Taoist lent. Due to the large number of Phuket residents with Chinese roots, the Taoist lent is celebrated among a large group of the population of Phuket. The festival starts of by devout Chinese religious believers completely abstaining from all dairy and meat products.

The festivities in Phuket that are held during the vegetarian festival can be found at one of the five main Chinese temples on Phuket. The best Chinese temples to visit are the Bang Niaw Chinese Temple and the Jui Tui Chinese Temple.

The vegetarian festival involves more then only the abstinence of dairy and…

Dubai Holiday - Dubai Full Steam Ahead!

Dubai was until recently not well known for tourism. How has Dubai managed to catch up with major tourism destinations such as Hawaii, Cannes or Bali? Other destinations have spent decades building up reputations and infrastructure with the hope of becoming a major travel destination.

Dubai has managed to surprise all hospitality and tourism experts. These experts did not expect any destination and especially not one in the Middle East to become dominant player in the travel industry.

So how did Dubai manage to build a beautiful oasis in the middle of the desert? Dubai started its rise to fame just over a decade ago with the launch of the first annual Dubai shopping festival. The local government decided to use this festival as a tool to promote Dubai as a holiday destination.

The Dubai Sheikh and his sons spend years building an infrastructure and resort area for the tourism industry The Sheikh had learned from oil experts that the oil supply of Dubai could run out by as early as 2010.


Little Known Ottawa Tourist Attractions - Canada's Capital - Off the Beaten Path

Touring visitors around Ottawa is one of those pleasures that just gets better and better as you uncover more intricate history, attractions and unique sights. The Capital City of Canada, Ottawa, could also be dubbed 'The Museum Capital of Canada'. With over 13 major museums, a dozen government attractions, and an extensive Art Gallery, there is something to satisfy every curiosity, every history buff, every art connoisseur and every entertainment taste. You could literally spend months touring this Museum Gem of Canada.

Chatting with the local guides, Members of Parliament (MPs), security persons and even Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) has uncovered a few 'off the beaten path' attraction anomalies that add to the intrigue and beauty of the Canada's National Capital Region.

1) The Acoustic Anomaly of the Baldwin-LaFontaine Statue on Parliament Hill. Tucked to the right and behind the main Parliament building, up behind the statue of Queen Elizabeth II sitting o…

Crystal Cruises - An Air of Elegance, Presence of Beauty, and Incredible Spirit of Adventure

On a Crystal cruise it is not difficult to find what you seek. In fact, your search for a place beyond ordinary is over. "Splendidly Uncommon"! Ablaze with intoxicating color and high style, Crystal Cruises' Harmony, Symphony and Serenity are ships of superlatives that capture the aura of extravagant parties, big, snazzy cars and high tea in the Palm Court while Porter, Gershwin, Mozart and Bach float on the air.

The Experience:

Six-star elegance and style personified! Accommodations include ocean-view staterooms and suites, which many are with private verandahs (Crystal Harmony offers a small number of inside staterooms as well). Full 360-degree teak promenade deck, In-stateroom Internet access, and Butler Service in categories (PH, PS and CP). Choice of classic, main, or late seating in the Crystal Dining Room. Several alternatives to dining venues, 24-hour room service, and wine cellar with over 20,000 bottles (200 vintages and a special Reserve Wine List).

Nights are fu…

A Lifetime Cruise - Hawaiian Cruise - An Exotic Hawaiian Cruise Trip

Hawaiian Cruises are everyone's dream cruise to the Hawaiian
Islands on an exquisite ocean liner. Being pampered from dawn
to dusk with exemplary cuisine, entertainment and fun for
all that too for a moderate sum on a Hawaiian Cruise is
definitely something out of the world. An increasing number of
cruisers and liners are now regularly calling on the
Hawaiian ports as also at the neighboring islands of Kaua'i,
Maui, Kona and Hilo.

Hawaiian Islands, a cluster of 137, provide adventure - sports,
relaxation and a new insight to oneself. The islands make one
wonder whether you are at land or at sea.

Hawaiian Cruises transport you to a heavenly state. Because of
the tropical latitude, the weather remains the same through
most of the year. The eastern side has more rainfall
while the western part is the dry land. Locals enjoy skiing and
snowboard in the snow-covered areas of the Big Island.

The Hawaiian culture is very diverse and almost every nation's
culture is found here. Hence, any newcomer …